CoastsideBUZZ Directory Listing Plan

Are You A Coastside Business?  

The Buzz Directory works as a powerful tool for connecting your business with more coastal clients. There is no universal directory on the coastside. This price point is screamingly low because websites have relatively small overheads compared to newspapers, radio and TV.

Searching for Coastal Businesses?   

It's easy! Search the Buzz Directory; a powerful tool to instantly connect you to local businesses. Encourage people to use the Directory - it’s FREE! Sport a sticker on your car and spread the word.

    • $250 / year

      Unlimited access to edit. This is the price of 1/8th page, for one week, in the local newspaper.

    • People can access Buzz Directory 24/7/365

    • Address, Phone Number, Email & Website Link

    • Unlimited Photos and Photo Albums

    • Unlimited Sub-Categories within a Category

    • Unlimited Locations (For Multiple Store Locations)

    • Social Media Buttons

    • Spam Protected Contact Form

    • $10 Facebook Boost included.

      Reach thousands! We will help you craft an eye-catching message.

    • Weekly BuzzMail subscription + Your business highlighted in an issue

    • You will get Buzz business cards, stickers and flyers to post at your business.

      We are a new Directory, but we will Buzz the Directory everywhere!

    • Auto-Renew

      After a year you will receive confirmation of your renewal.

      Online payment is secured through Stripe

    • The Buzz Directory is self-submit. Takes 5 minutes.

      However, if you don’t have a techie bone in your body then we will come visit you and sign you up.

      It is also an opportunity to offer you other promotional Buzz angles.

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